New Index Page 2016

In keeping with the policy not to make pages too big a new index page was introduced in March 2016. This index page has a link to the earlier index page from the picture in the bottom right hand corner. Some maintenance is needed on some of the the pictures and links within the earlier index page. New pictures and links will be added at irregular intervals to the new index page.

New Door Old Door ellipse Squash_2016
New Door Old Door Circle Construction of an Ellipse The Mary Rose Squash harvested in 2016
Seville_cathedral Road Santa_Maria Scabbard_Fish Queen_Elizabeth
Seville Cathedral Montanas del Fuego El Barco de la Virgen Scabbard Fish The Queen Elizabeth
Lockheed T33 Black Mountain Red and White Onions Steam Train Scarborough
Tangmere The Black Mountain Red and White Onions North Yorks Steam Train Scarborough
HMNB Portsmouth Joint Europena Torus Flying Day Transit of Mercury Wye Valley
HMNB Portsmouth The Joint European Torus Flying Day on June 2016 Transit of Mercury May 2016 The Wye Valley Walk
oxford bus museum Coombe Mill Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Goring Bridge Problem_248
Bus Museum Beam Engine HMS Victory Goring Bridge Project Euler Problem 248
Map Rijksmuseum Keukenhof Canal Cruise The Night Watch
Amsterdam Map Rijksmuseum Keukenhof Gardens Canal Cruise Rembrandt Square
Diamond Rucksack Cassiopeia A HR Diagarm Squash Seeds
The Diamond Light Source New Rucksack Cassiopeia A The HR Diagarm Squash Seeds
Galaxies,Stars  and Planets ???? Sow Allotment_February_2016 Earlier Index Page
Galaxies, Stars and Planets James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig The Allotment in February 2016 Earlier Index Page

Visitor Statistics

This webpage is hosted by names.co.uk, who provide visitor statistics for the domain name. A summary table lists the daily averages and monthly totals for the sites, kbytes, visits, pages, files and hits for each of the current and past 11 months. Sites shows how many unique IP address made requests to the domain name's server. kBytes measures the data transferred, Visits counts all visits to the domain name. A hit is a request for one file. A page is a request for a page eg .html. In April 2016 myWebPages received 15059 hits for 1708 visits. These are not untypical for other months.

URL is an acronynm for Uniform Resource Locator which is the address on the internet that refers to the resource. If most of the people are getting to the site by typing the url into the browser then the most common page will be the home page. On the other hand people will be arriving via search engines and inbound links that take them straight to the content that they are interested in. In April the URLs with more than 100 hits are Wasp Nest.jpg with 432 hits, the index page with 445 hits, Canal Lock.jpg with 286 hits, Inside Pembroke Castle.jpg with 220 hits, Runner bean.jpg with 150 hits and beanFrame.jpg with 151 hits.

The entry and exit pages identify the pages that bring in visitors. The home page brings in most visitors with 445 hits. The Bedlam Cube.html was the next popular with 82 hits. With between 40 and 60 hits were Cycling Tour of Jura 2010.html, Somepictures.html, Cycling the Kennet and Avon Canal.html, Comapsses.html, previousindexpage.html, orion.html, Calculators and crooked cottage html.

The HTTP referrer identifies the address of the webpage that links to the resource being requested. This means that when a user clicks a hyperlink in a web browser, the browser sends a request to the server holding the destination webpage. The request includes the referrer field, which indicates the last page the user was on. In April 2016 there was a total of 244 referrers to myWebPages. These included pages on this website eg. http://www.grahamnewbert.co.uk/Walking/Walking.html with 479 hits, general search engines eg. https://www.google.co.uk/ with 1061 hits and some specific sites eg. http://flashlottos24.ru with 96 hits, http://keywords-monitoring-your-success.com/try.php with 40 hits, http://harshnoise.forumotion.com/t225-system-morgue-hekatombaion-2010 with 16 hits, http://buttons-for-website.com with 8 hits, http://alf-img.com/show/perennial-carnations-sub-zero.html with 7 hits, http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/five-green-tips-wont-cost-earth with 4 hits, http://mcheninobanput.gq/silva-expedition-54-manual.html with 3 hits, http://posbordanapn.cf/could-not-load-rdbss-device-driver-windows-xp.html with 3 hits, and http://predunmenreren.ga/silva-expedition-54-manual.html with 3 hits. Referrers with 2 and 1 hits are not be looked into here.

http://flashlottos24.ru is not available on google but it may be a gambling site. http://keywords-monitoring-your-success.com/try.php leads to http://semalt.com/. Semalt is a search engine optimisation service that promises to boost visitor attendance, which is something I am not really looking for. http://harshnoise.forumotion.com/t225-system-morgue-hekatombaion-2010 is a harsh looking site, which has "http://www.grahamnewbert.co.uk/Some_Pictures/BSOD.jpg" embedded. http://buttons-for-website.com seems to be another search engine optimisation service. , http://alf-img.com/show/perennial-carnations-sub-zero.html leads to pages showing pictures of perennial carnations with href="http://grahamnewbert.co.uk/Crooked_Cottage/perennials.jpg" embedded. Alf Image is photo website. http://www.bristolgreendoors.org/five-green-tips-wont-cost-earth is a webpage listing 5 energy saving tips that includes "Cylinder_Jacket.jpg". http://mcheninobanput.gq/silva-expedition-54-manual.html and http://predunmenreren.ga/silva-expedition-54-manual.html both include 'http://www.grahamnewbert.co.uk/Walking/silva.jpg'. It is not clear what http://posbordanapn.cf/could-not-load-rdbss-device-driver-windows-xp.html is about but it includes 'http://www.grahamnewbert.co.uk/Some_Pictures/Fields.jpg'.

Search Strings shows search keywords which were used to find the site using search engines. The top 10 are listed as bedlam cube solution, cycle route around the isle of wight, cycling in isle of jura, electric water heaters broken, great planes electrifly, map of walk from llanthony to offas dyke, old english green, saving eenrgy companies, semalt expert, water gas electric to 3 house game. Only some of these seem appropriate.

Graham Newbert May 2016.